Employee Engagement and Well-Being

Through the dedication and passion of our diverse teams around the world, we are able to deliver on our commitment to consumers to provide high-quality children’s apparel and accessories at affordable prices. We believe that by providing training, development, and an inclusive and respectful workplace, we support our employees in serving the needs of all families with young children.
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Goals & Progress
Diversity & Inclusion
Increase racial and ethnic diversity at the Vice President and District Manager levels
25% of VP hires in 2022 were diverse
Increase our African American and Hispanic consumers by 10% by 2025
Launched and completed marketing test tailored to these consumer segments
Develop supplier diversity program
Created and implemented the Supplier Diversity Program
Improve the well-being of at least 10 million lives by 2030
2,320,590 lives improved
Volunteer over 200,000 hours in our communities by 2030
20,367 employee volunteer hours
Invest more than $50 million toward improving the lives of children by 2030
$10.5 million in combined charitable contributions and product donations
The success of our Company is built on our people, so maintaining a positive workplace culture, high engagement, and strong retention among our employees are fundamental priorities.
We believe formal and informal mentoring activities and cross-functional meetings with leaders are essential ways in which we fuel engagement throughout our business. Our high level of employee engagement is rooted in a strong sense of pride in our products, brands, and organization.
Many of our employees also see a connection between their work and the Company’s vision, as evidenced by our 2022 employee engagement survey results.
2022 Global Employee Survey
To measure engagement and identify areas for improvement, we conducted a global employee survey in 2022, the results of which will inform action planning. In addition to a high level of employee participation, the survey received 10,000 verbatim comments.
Insights from the survey will help us develop action plans for enhancing our workplace and culture. To implement our findings, Carter’s Board of Directors participated in a thorough debrief of our Company-level results, and each Leadership Team member received results for their specific function and their direct reports. Managers received training to effectively interpret their survey results and lead action planning meetings with their teams.
Engagement Survey Highlights
Our 2022 survey saw a 98% response rate, doubling the total number of participants from our previous deployment.
of employees are motivated to contribute to organizational success and willing to apply discretionary effort
of employees would recommend Carter’s as an employer to a friend
of employees believe their manager is highly effective
of employees feel we have a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace