Creating a Hybrid Workplace

We have been committed to our hybrid work environment guided by principles of serving the needs of the business while providing flexibility to our employees.

We believe we are better together, and as a highly collaborative and creative organization, we believe there is value in having in-person connection. Coming together supports our ability to further connect, create, and solve problems. Being in the office together furthers the development of our teams, allowing them to learn from their leaders, peers, and mentors in person. We have asked employees to come back to the office at least three days a week. These are intentional days to support collaboration and connection with colleagues and to drive professional development.
For these reasons, we encourage employees to make the days they are in the office “collaborative days” with their teams, peers, and cross-functional partners. The hybrid approach also requires employees to consider their co-workers’ locations and needs when scheduling events, which we believe supports a culture of inclusivity.
We are taking a hybrid approach to our talent development offerings as well. We are providing educational workshops and trainings in-person while maintaining virtual options for remote and field teams. We are intentional about selecting the format (in-person, hybrid, or virtual) of our educational workshops and development programs to ensure they foster the highest level of engagement and interaction as well as support adoption of the materials.